Privacy policy

Dream Support employees only access and/or modify personal data to provide Dream Support services to the client and in strict compliance with the client’s instructions.

Dream Support employees do not collect, copy, store, remove or transfer Dream Support clients’ customers’ personal data into any systems other than authorized and provided by the client.

In close cooperation with the DPO representing client’s company, we can communicate and implement the required measures to prevent any unauthorized access/modification of personal data by Dream Support employees.

We only use third party tools and systems authorized by the client company. Thus all concerns, specifications and requirements related to the personal data collection, storage, transfer and removal should be addressed by the corresponding third party tool.

We never process raw personal data of customers to an unauthorized tool/system when performing tickets analysis. We use data protection anonymization method, which means the report includes ticket IDs, dates and request types/subtypes. The tool used to provide tickets analysis report: Google Spreadsheets with strictly limited access.

For any further questions or concerns, drop us a line at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help and explain!