Tips on how to communicate with customer support agents to resolve your issues efficiently

There are people on the both sides of the support system. Respect should come both ways too!

Tips on how to communicate with customer support agents to resolve your issues efficiently

Living in the world of consumerism where we are all customers, and we all contact customer support at some point if something goes wrong with the product or service we paid for. We are all customers and we want our issues to be resolved as soon as possible, in the most pleasant and respectful way, without wasting our time, money, and resources. But sometimes we have bad days, we choose the wrong words, we don’t fully understand what we want and what support agents want from us.

It’s normal as we are human beings at first. But we tend to change and evolve, lo learn from the mistakes and make ourselves and our approach better. The customer support system is a two-sided structure and we, customers, are the first side. And sometimes it’s not about support agents being rude or careless, unfortunately, sometimes it’s about us, our words, actions and attitude.

Useful tips on how to be a good customer

1. Don’t panic if something bad happened, it can be fixed. Take a breath, take a glass of water, open the window, and tell support agent what’s happened - in a calm, respectful, and understandable way. Emotions are cool but sometimes it’s better to bench them.

2. The clearer, the better - describe what happened, tell an agent what you think might have caused the problem, what did you expect to happen, what do you want to do and politely ask for a solution. Remember, you are not writing an essay or research so the story doesn’t need to be deep and colorful but clear and structured telling is always welcomed.

3. Ask questions if you think that the story isn’t enough to provide a solution. Rules are the same: clear and structured questions, only useful information, calm and understandable filing. If you have multiple questions, make a list and try to put them into a logical order so the support agent can react faster and better.

4. Sometimes words aren’t enough but can you always express yourself by file attachment. Send a screenshot, provide a document, post a link - this can and will help to resolve your situation as you’ll provide more information for a better understanding.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask more questions, tell more stories and send more files if you feel like you don’t understand something or if support agent doesn’t understand you. Work on a solution together and fulfill the holes that might have appeared. If you feel like you’ve told everything you could have - it’s fine, you’ve done your half, it’s time for support agent to work on the solution.

6. Be gentle, kind, and thankful. That’s the essential part of being in any conversation. Follow this rule even if something goes wrong and you feel like you and support agent are miles apart from the solution. Kind words, mutual understanding, and expressing your gratitude are the artifacts you need in this case.