Three working tricks to keep your customer support team members engaged and motivated

Building a great team and keeping it in a good shape isn’t only about hiring ambitious and perspective people - it’s also about fulfilling their engagement, motivating them with the right tools, hearing them, and having fun.

Three working tricks to keep your customer support team members engaged and motivated

Customer support team in any company isn’t only about keeping your customers happy - it’s also about making your ambitious employees happy, motivated, and confident. It can be achieved by fair salaries (or simply by paying employees as much as they deserve and as much as you can afford), letting employees climb the career ladder (or simply by promoting them whenever they are ready), making their workspace comfortable and modern. But is it enough to keep your support team engaged?

As we move further in time, it becomes clearer that for current employees it isn’t all about money. Surely, they want to be paid as much as they deserve but they also want to stay progressive, to fulfill their dreams and ambitions, to be helpful and active, to grow and move. It all comes before money and you should make a point of it.

  • One good word puts out the flames better than a bucket of water

As we’ve already learned, conversations in a support system matter - not only conversations between customers and agents but also conversations between agents and their managers, team leaders, etc. If the agent is already good - cool, he’ll be even better. If the agent is only learning - that’s okay, he’ll grow into a great one. But it’s impossible without clear communication between employees and their leaders. How you communicate and what you say is efficient too, it’s the most important in the process of communication.

No one knows anything until they learn it by hearing, seeing, or experiencing the thing. It’s always crucial to talk to your employees and let them know how they do. Get rid of ‘not great, not terrible’ - use ‘it’s fine, keep it going’ even if it isn’t as fine as it seems. Point them politely to their mistakes, make sure they have your support, and remind them they’ll do better next time. Your employees learn and grow every day and you should maintain their confidence every day too.

  • Deeper doesn’t mean darker

Sometimes it’s better if you allow your employees to step away from specialized roles and let them sink into other categories or staff that would be useful for their careers in your company. If you are sure that your employees got well along with the general staff of his role, you can allow them to dig deeper and go further by guiding them into a new role step by step. Worth to mention, that it isn’t about placing more duties on the shoulders of your employees - it’s about helping them to grow, to learn more, and expertise better. For example, customer support agents can be slightly guided into the sales team for a better understanding of what’s happening when customers purchase your product, what are they curious about and how can it help when dealing with newcomers to your product.

  • As a team inside - as a team outside

Team events - don’t be afraid of that term. And don’t be afraid to organize some! It’s always a good idea and it’s always useful to learn more about your employees, to let them know each better (especially if you are a remote team) and just to have a good time in a good company. Before organizing a team event, make sure you hear from your employees about their preferences of spending time together and take into account the availability and desire of your employees.

If you are not sure about anything related to organizing a team event, try to delegate it to one of the employees but make sure it doesn’t look like transferring the responsibility but it is actually an important and fun task for your ambitious employee which can help him to reach new highs in his career.