Support tickets or is there a better name for conversations with customers?

If you have worked with helpdesk software before, you must have heard of a "support ticket". It scares some, it pleases some but mostly it raises a lot of questions.

Support tickets or is there a better name for conversations with customers?

“Support ticket” became an essential part of any customer support system and it simply means an interaction between a customer that is looking for help and a support agent that wants to help. So, they establish a connection and form a conversation. But would it be cool to call this conversation between a customer and an agent - "a support ticket'? Would it be better if agents told customers that they communicate through a "ticket"?


Basically, tickets are great. Customers raise a question while opening it, agents provide customers with the necessary information while handling it and customers receive solutions and information whereupon a ticket can be closed. It all works perfectly within the support system, with its numbers and tags, but it appears not that way if you change the side. Tickets are great as long as they stay within the system and don’t infiltrate into the conversation between a customer and agent.

Conversations are the key to understanding so why not call them the way they are? We are all humans, even if we are connected through the machines, and it should be the highlighted standard in the terminology of any support system. Support systems should understand the robotic meaning of ‘a ticket’ and ‘resolving tickets’ but should also remember about its duty of helping people, actual persons, because and they want to be treated as people. You cannot win a lottery without buying a ticket. But you can help your customers without mentioning it.

The face is the index to the mind

Just like the design and framework of a customer helpdesk you have implemented for your customers to the heart of your support system. It’s always important to reach out to the customers who are looking for your help as soon as possible and sometimes the requirement of signing up or logging in would not help - neither your customers or your support system. People like people, they want alive people, they don’t like to be claimed by numbers or be greeted by an automatic answer so it’s essential to display your human image - your face. It’s worth remembering that you care for your customers and being a human apart from the one thousand other things matters too.

Customers matter. Helping is good. Use words and create conversations. It will do fine, we promise.