Learn how to gather customer feedback and use it to improve your product

Let’s say you have a great product, your sales team are going to break all the records pretty soon and it all looks fine and shine for your company. But do you know that your customers are satisfied with your product?

Learn how to gather customer feedback and use it to improve your product

Are you sure that you hear everything your customers say? If you only hear good things about your products, are you sure there are no bad things?

Here comes customer feedback - the most powerful tool in a relationship between customers and companies.

What is customer feedback and why it’s important for your company?

Customer feedback is literally everything your customers do, show or say about your product: good and bad reviews, thank you’s or photos with a product on Instagram, tweets with angry emojis, recurring or declined orders, etc. Everything you can hear about a product can be used to improve it. If customers are too satisfied with something - try and give them more of it. If customers are frustrated with something - try and fix it, change it, and make your product better.

Actually, customer feedback is about making your product better so you should make sure you hear all of your customers and you hear everything they say so you can collect it, analyze and work further. How do you do it? Well, we’ve got 5 options!

Collecting customer feedback: 5 best ways to do it right and make it useful for you

Just before the start, you need to answer the main question: why do you want to collect customer feedback? By answering this and building the process of collecting customer feedback based on your answer you’d do just fine. Of course, you’d still need to answer a couple of important questions so you don’t waste your and your customers' time: what do you want to improve in your product? What are you going to do with everything you’ve collected from users? How are you going to collect the data, using which tools?

No worries, we got you on the last one. Here are the 5 best ways to collect customer feedback:

1. Widgets to guide your customers

Even though you may need to answer some questions before collecting the feedback, your customers can answer none and still give you a lot of information. For example, you can put a widget with helpful articles on your home page to help your customers get along with a product. If they can’t find an answer, lead them to your support center and make sure they can rate your support service - that’s an important part of your company too.

2. Surveys

You can use one-question surveys to find out if your customers are enjoying the particular section of your web-site or use the long surveys to understand what’s gone wrong while using a product and learn the information step by step without losing the main point in the complicated process. It’s important to ask questions that will definitely help you, ask them loud and clear, and make them systematic with a rating scale.

3. Individual conversations with customers

Conversations matter, remember? Sometimes surveys won’t help you as much as intended so you should try and talk to your customers directly. Being active and interested, using open-ended questions, going deeper, and wider while trying not to be annoying are the best things you can do while speaking to your customers. Being in clear dialogue with your customer will help you to understand their emotions, feelings, concerns, and decisions.

4. Website heat map

If you are selling digital products or if your product mostly depends on customers using the website, you should consider integrating a heat map tool to your website. Heat map tool will allow you to see the most clicked sections of your website, get a percentage of users who don’t login while browsing through the website or find out the most popular paths of your customers. Knowing all of that will help you to redesign the website, make it simpler or easier, reconsider the filling of your sections, and so on.

5. Social media accounts

You know, it’s essential in 2020. Instead of being just a part of your SMM strategy, you can make all your social media accounts work secretly on collecting the feedback. Twitter polls, Instagram stories polls, Facebook comments, or Telegram chat discussions - it will help you a lot. Everyone loves social media so you should fall in love too (if you haven’t already).

Product is the most essential part of your company. Customers are an essential part of your company. Getting customer feedback is an essential thing to make your product better and make your customers satisfied. A simple “thank you” worth it, we promise.