Brathwait case study

Brathwait case study

Brathwait, an American Wristwatch Company, since 2014 has been the world’s only transparent watchmaker promising elegantly designed, premium timepieces, without the luxury markup. Customers from around the globe turn to Brathwait for quality manufacturing and honest pricing.

Main goals:

  1. Focus - hand over support tasks so that Founders can focus on developing the company.

  2. COVID-19 - having had manufacturing and supply chains heavily affected by the pandemic, Brathwait Team had to reinvent operations, fulfillment and customer support processes to continue delivering customer’s timepieces worldwide.

  3. Improvement - consistently monitoring trends in customer inquiries to prevent fulfillment issues and develop customer service.


Dedicated Dream Support team takes care of support requests, returns, refunds, replacements and other support related tasks.

- 2,5 years partnership

- handling 96% of all requests

- average reply time <12 hours

- email, Facebook, Amazon channels

- fulfillment/delivery issues investigation and reporting