4 tips things you should remember when saying "No" to a customer

There may be occasions when you need to refuse to a customer and your job here is to avoid using the word “no” whenever possible.

4 tips things you should remember when saying "No" to a customer

"No" is not a word with a positive connotation, people don't like to hear it and it is likely to trigger some unwanted reactions. The easiest way to do that is to articulate clear information so that your customers are not misguided by false expectations. Customer support representatives need to be aware of the company’s limitations.

Instead of using the word “no”, try to set yourself a challenge on how to come up with the most creative answer. Ask yourselves the following questions: Do I understand the customer’s perspective? Am I clear on the customer’s goal? Is the product functioning as intended? Is there any alternative I can offer them? Can I ask anyone who’s aware of how to solve it?

If you believe you’ve tried every solution available to you, then you can go ahead and tell the customer that you’re unable to complete their request. However, let’s see if you find these ways to approach useful first:

1. Giving a timely response. Make sure you respond to a customer’s concern within 24 hours, even if it is just to let them know you are working on the problem.

2. Being careful with your phrasing. Delivery is everything here. Using a positive tone, politely but firmly explain that you have exhausted possible solutions.

3. Paying attention to what they’re saying. Make sure you hear them out and respond in a professional and respectful manner.

4. Being honest. Clearly explain why you are unable to help them at this time, assure them that you’ve done everything you could.